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While there is a spot for all dogs in my heart, black labs will always have a special spot.


Neri, Matt and Beth’s fur baby, is such a black lab that makes that heart happy. Playful yet obedient, posing was not a problem as she partook in the engagement session for her people parents.


I met Matt and Beth a couple of Saturdays ago, just as the leaves had completed a wave of color change. It was a warmer fall day, but the clouds overhead kept it cooler, just as fall should be…especially for an autumn engagement session. Beth’s personality was just as bubbly and bright as it was through the emails we had sent back and fourth, and matt it turns out I have met before—as his student teacher back in the day. It is such a small world…it is so northern Minnesota.


The five of us—Beth, Matt, bridesmaid Gretchen, Neri the Dog, and myself—spent the evening exploring a small corner of this world while capturing the seven-year-long love that had grown between Matt and Beth that will lead them down the aisle next September. We literally went over the river and through the woods (and a little bit into a swamp) during this session in order to find amongst the fall colors a joyful couple that will no doubt make an excellent husband and wife. What we found was a was a whole lot of reds, oranges, yellows, and a whole lot of laughs and smiles that accompany this love.


See that love for yourselves…







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