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Compassionate, friendly, humorous: Willie, Class of 2017


“I know that this is all about senior photos,” he said, “but I was wondering, could we do a couple, just her and me?”


Her being his super-sweet, super-sociable girlfriend, who trucked along with us through the woods with a smile that never wavered. Not for one second.


How do I say no to this? WHY would I say no to this? 


I love it when I have a bit of an audience; I am part photographer, part entertainer, all artist. So when Willie, Class of 2017 had his mom and this sweetheart of a girlfriend present at his early fall senior session, it was perfect. They were helpful, supportive, and had good eyes for pose potential.


But, most importantly, they were both very much in love with the subject of the session, and it showed.  Awesome enough, that love was reciprocated.


Willie seemed to be the quiet type–but as an introvert at heart myself (introverts can also be entertainers,too…), I understand how important people can still be despite the reservations. He was most accommodating, willing to try any pose at least once. Even if photos aren’t his thing (as he said a couple of times), it didn’t show…in fact, I would love to argue that during this session, Willie made photos his thing.


Take a look for yourself…

















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