I have always been all about The Story. And if The Story is good (meaning powerful, emotional, monumental, moving), it needs to be told again and again. This lead me to always be writing, always be listening, and always be open to hear "the other side." Yes, I was that girl with the notebook and pen, always by her side, always ready for The Next Big Idea.

Other kids played "House" or "Doctor;" I played "Journalist" 



I have always been a lover of all things wedding, and I figured that my creative outreach to them would be handcrafting on Etsy. After serendipitously enrolling in graduate program, however, those journalistic impulses again throbbed and I knew that there were love stories out there just waiting for someone to tell them in their own words.

This business is built on a class, a camera, and a love for love.


Onto the experiences ⟶

The eye for design. The love of words. The ability to capture emotion. All three meet to help you record and retell the most important day of your love story, and will allow you to retell your tale to the generations to come.

Now, the creative + storyteller in me joined forces to serve you 


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Share your love. Light the world with it. Save it for generations to come. Share your beautiful, one-of-a-kind story to inspire, entertain, inform...all the things.

This is my photography philosophy.
This is why I do what I do.

This is photography for elegant, unapologetic, joyful couples
who not only choose their own adventures, but live them to the fullest.



outdoor walks

mowing the lawn

Dying easter eggs + eating matzah bread

wellies and galoshes


SPRINg training

becoming better used to shooting film on a wedding day is my main goal this season

I am so ready for daylight savings time to be over...bring back the evening!




boat shoes



this + that

of course, there's more to me than photography

Now, how about those experiences? ⟶


when thinking about spring, I think about...