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Focused, determined, dedicated: Jordan, Class of 2017


I love senior photo season for lots of reasons, but none more so than being able to provide these young adults an opportunity to see themselves for who they really are, not what they believe themselves to be. Not many high school students see their faces beyond their back-to-school mugshots. It is such a great joy for me to be able to display to them a different side of their personality, one that they maybe didn’t know existed.


One of these young men was Jordan, Class of 2017.


I was forewarned that Jordan is not one for pictures. He is one for his sports, football and baseball; he was very open to discussing the return of the little brown jug to his school upon their football victory (which was taken away from my high school after 44-years of pride). He was open-minded, willing to try any pose idea I had, even if it seemed ridiculous (standing in the middle of the road? What?!).  He was even self-disciplined, picking up my instructions quick enough where I didn’t even have to give the command; he moved flawlessly between takes.


From this, it became very clear that he was more for photos than he thought.  This focused, determined, and dedicated young man went through his senior photo session like a rockstar, bringing a different self before my camera, allowing for a natural, authentic self to come through. Even if he isn’t all about getting his photo taken, it didn’t show.


See the future with Jordan, Class of 2017,,,








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