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Hi, I'm kayla.

As a couple, you want your wedding photos to capture the true essence of your special day, and candid photos can help do just that. Candid wedding photos are natural, spontaneous, and truly capture the emotions and joy of the occasion. Here are some tips on how couples can get more candid photos at their wedding:

  1. Communicate with Your Photographer: When it comes to candid photos, communication with your photographer is key. Make sure to let them know that you want a mix of candid and posed photos, and discuss the kind of candid photos you are looking for.
  2. Be Natural: The more natural you are, the more candid your photos will be. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show, whether it’s tears of joy or a belly laugh. Just be yourselves and enjoy the moment.
  3. Let the Photographer Roam: The easiest way for me to capture candid wedding photos is to be given some breathing room be more photojournalistic and blend in. Candid photos are all about capturing the moment, so let your photographer roam around freely to capture those special moments. Don’t worry about being in the perfect pose, just let them capture the moment as it unfolds.
  4. Enjoy the Moment: The more you enjoy the moment, the more relaxed and natural you will look in your photos. Try not to focus too much on the camera, and just enjoy your day with your loved ones Forget that I am even there.
  5. Mix It Up: Candid wedding photos don’t always have to be of just the two of you. Ask your photographer to capture candid shots of your guests, the décor, and the atmosphere, as these will help bring your wedding day to life. One awesome way to do this is to have a designated cocktail hour where people are more casually interacting.
  6. Keep Moving: Walking, dancing, and interacting with your guests can create amazing candid moments. So, keep moving and let your photographer capture the moments as they happen.
  7. Don’t Pose Too Much: Although posed photos are important, try not to pose too much. This can lead to photos that look staged and less natural. Again, forget the photographer is there. Even if you are being posed, don’t think about it too much; for me, my favorite photos are when we read between the line of the pose…that’s where the gold is.

By following these tips, couples can get more candid wedding photos that truly capture the essence of their special day. Remember, candid photos are all about capturing the moment, so just relax and enjoy your day with your loved ones.

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer (and handcrafter and designer on the side). She serves elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullestSee more about the KLP Wedding Experience!


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