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Hi, I'm kayla.

FYI: This post about wedding RSVP hacks might contain affiliate links, off which I might make a very, VERY small commission. It helps me help you the best I can:)

The invitation suite is sometimes the unsexiest part of wedding planning. I mean, I love it (which is why I offer design services to KLP Couples so they can have a custom invitation), but it is sometimes just seen as what has to be done rather than what you get to do. Even unsexier is the RSVP, which is a problem point for so many couples planning. What if someone doesn’t RSVP? What if they forget their name? What if they come in late?

These are all legitimate questions–ones my clients as all the time. To help out anyone dealing with RSVPs, I spent some time on this generations newest Google, TikTok, and I found three pretty awesome wedding RSVP hacks that I feel are the easiest and most effective tips:

  1. THE INVISIBLE PEN HACK: Worried that you might get an RSVP back without a name? It happens, but you can help yourself in that scenario. Type your invitees into a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet; each name will automatically be numbered on the left. Write that number onto the back of the RSVP using an invisible ink pen (like these ones); if you should receive one that is nameless, just flip it over and use the light on the pen to see what number it is…viola, you know your guest! Watch this TikTok here.
  2. SAYING “BEFORE” INSTEAD OF “BY”: I am a communications nerd through and through, so I know the power of words to create certain emotions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this wedding RSVP hack worked like the creator said it does.”By” generates thoughts along the lines of “I have until…” where “Before” makes people think “I have to get this done…” so this hack makes sense. Using “by” doesn’t create the sense of urgency as “before,” so it is a minimal mental trick to get your guest to think they need to get on the ball sooner. Watch this TikTok here.
  3. QR CODE STICKERS: I know this is hardly a new idea, but I do think it is an important thing to include here. Since their reincarnation during the pandemic, QR codes have become a huge part of how we communicate and are so familiar I think they are becoming expected. This is also especially helpful if you are saving some money and not sending out paper RSVP cards. It is something to easily include in your design (especially if using Canva to create your own design), but this lovely bride in her video use a little printer, which I think is cool. I also think that having QR code stickers allow you to use them any way you need to in order to get people to your wedding site. I thought this was a unique wedding RSVP hack that leverage an older idea. (Like the little printer? Get one here!)

The struggle with RSVPs is real. These wedding RSVP hacks aren’t all-solving, but hopefully they can relieve a little of the guest stress. Have your own awesome hack? Drop it in the comments!

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer (and handcrafter and designer on the side). She serves elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullestSee more about the KLP Wedding Experience!


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