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Dress hanging outside courtroom at the Landmark Center, St. Paul. Photo by Kayla Lee.
Some will critique your venue, others may offer dress shopping advice…but ultimately, only one opinion matters.

Dear wedding planning couples, 

Congratulations! I am sure this is the craziest, most awesome time of your lives. Savor ever last drop of it! As awesome as it is, there is no doubt some stress that comes along with the ride.  There may be a slight flood of opinion rushing your way, concerning what you should do on your wedding day.

I get it: I am a total people pleaser, and I know how hard it is to want to make everyone happy. Seeing mom and dad and grandma smile brings a certain joy, but also leads to a little letdown for yourself and your vision. I wanted to take a moment to remind you of one thing: This is YOUR DAY. While it doesn’t hurt to seek advice to let people chime in, it is ultimate up to you. Only YOUR opinion matters. 

If you choose to get married outside, that’s fine. It’s your ceremony.

When you think you want to run away and say “I do” with as few people as possible, cool beans.

When you find your dream dress and it happens to be tea length or a little tight or maybe have a little cleavage, it is going to be beautiful because you feel beautiful in it.

If all of your family doesn’t appreciate your partner, no worries—you have other family and friends to pick up the slack and provide enough love to not only fill but overflow that void. 

Heading down the aisle of modernity instead of tradition? Sweet. You are forming your own traditions. That’s awesome. 

When you want to have wedding pie instead of cake and you don’t want to cut anything except a rug on the dance floor, do it. 

Yes, your dog should be your flower girl or ring bearer. That’s brilliant.

The timeline will fall behind, guaranteed, but no worries. Nothing can start without you, and you will get back on track somehow. Take the time to be emotional and soak in all the feels. 

So…there you go. I try to always offer some sort of education on Monday, but I thought this might be the more important today.

Take care, and happy wedding planning!





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