August 15, 2019


Wedding cake. I am not going to say the cliched thing that I am a wedding photographer because “I am in it for the cake”…but it definitely doesn’t hurt. Doesn’t hurt one bit.

Wedding cake has a very interesting history. Like most things, it started in Ancient Greece. The tradition went through a phase as a social status where the bigger the cake meant the higher the social standing of the couple and their families. During the seventeenth century, it was customary for their to be a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake; the bride’s cake started as white frosted virginal pound cake while the groom’s was a darker fruit cake. What we know today in western societies is the evolution of that old school bride’s cake. That pound cake has simply become rounder with more layers and a lot more marzipan.

With that said, one of the things I love most about wedding cakes is not the eating of it. I love how even now, today, that bride’s cake has evolved into another way that couples express themselves. No longer is it always tiers covered in fondant and frosting flowers (even though that’s tasty, too). There isn’t always a plastic bride and groom perched at the top. Heck, they’re not even just cupcakes anymore.

Wedding cakes these days are just as much of an expression of the couple as they are a dessert. The tradition is still there, as many couples still cut a cake, but the presentation has changed. I find myself always so excited to see how the cake looks—if it is a cake at all. As weddings reinvent traditions and couples write their own rules, it is always fun to see what they choose for their big day treats.

Here are a few of the sweetest KLP memories to date…

Cupcake tiers. Nothing wrong with that.
A creation from a couple of crafty uncles who not only made the cake, but classed up the vintage topper (which was originally on the bride’s parents’ cake!)
Mmmmmm….cake balls. A delicious revelation in the cake universe.
Red velvet and that little boy’s smile…and the girl’s too…basically everyone around who loves it.
Five layers and a Willow Tree topper…literally the sweetest.
A ladder of cupcakes. Genius.
Ali had the most massive cupcakes…she needed Paul Bunyan caliber displays for their sheer delicious mass.
Berries and cream. Yum.
Yes, that is apple crisp and mulled cider. It was brilliant for a late fall wedding (by Blackwoods Events Center)
Betty’s Pies. Nothing else needs to be said.
A simple cake for cutting.
All the flavors of the rainbow! Cupcakes by Sweet Amelia’s Bakery.
Cheesecake topped with cookies. Smartest thing you might see today!
Pie AND cake. YAAAS.
How about a little love for the wedding fruit tart?
A couple can never have too many options for their guests. Cake by Being Libby
Baby’s breath is totally underrated for how gorgeous it is, especially on a delicately frosted cake.
Flowers and and a laser-cut topper. A perfectly elegant pairing!
Cupcakes AND cheesecake. So smart.
Who doesn’t love baskets of cupcakes?
Two layers topped with edible decorations. Like the beach, always a great idea.

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer who provides services to elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullest.

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