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Aug 14, 2019

Painted Prairie Vineyard is a wonderful winery in Currie, Minnesota. It is a great venue option for any wedding!

A couple weeks back, I got to spend a Saturday at Painted Prairie Vineyards with Emily and Lucas. It was a sort of a dream come true; not just for the couple, but for myself as well. I had always wanted to shoot a wedding at a winery. To me, there is something so inherently romantic about vineyards. The hanging grapes, the intertwining vines, and the harvest that comes annually and brings with it a sweet, celebratory product. It is quite lovely and perfectly symbolic of a marriage.

Tucked into the southwest corner of Minnesota, Painted Prairie has been in the wine business since 2006. The vineyard itself rests on one and half acres, but it is surrounded by an ample fifteen acres of iconic southern Minnesota prairie land. It is a beautiful and tranquil space right off of Minnesota Highway 30, and is a wonderful place to sit back, sip, and relax.

It is also a wonderful place to say “I do.” Emily and Lucas said their vows in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony on the property. Their set up was in the presence of an classic vintage barn, silos blanketed in rich emerald ivy, and, of course, the vineyard. It was classic wine county in our own backyard. It was awesome.

Ivy covered silos. What a ceremony backdrop! Painted Prairie Vineyard. Photo by Kayla Lee Photography.
Painted Prairie Vineyard. Photo by Kayla Lee Photography.

With the opening of their vineyard pavilion, however, the good folks at Painted Prairie have upped their wedding venue game. This is the work of the amazing Krista and Andy who acquired the property in 2014. This new building can host upwards of 125 guests, and comes complete with a catering kitchen and air conditioning.

The new pavilion. Gorgeous! Painted Prairie Vineyard. Photo by Kayla Lee Photography.

From the pavilion one can easily peer out over the vineyard and the prairie and take in the views. This should include the sunset over the property, which is breathtaking.

Painted Prairie has a lot of offer to a wedding day. Learn more about them at their website, and find them on Facebook as well as Instagram

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