August 6, 2019


The rows of bottles at the Painted Prairie Winery in Currie, Minnesota, did not get ready to drink and enjoy overnight. It takes so much time and work for their Marquette or La Crescent varietals to go from vine to wine. First care was provided to the grapes as they grew. Then they were harvested before they withered away. It is only after all that can they finally begin their evolution into assorted reds and whites.

Wine, in turns out, is a lot like a marriage. It doesn’t just happen overnight.There is work and work and more work to make it a reality. Once it is ready, however, it is wonderful.

It was then very appropriate that Lucas and Emily chose a winery wedding to say “I do.” For the last five and a half years, their love as grown and ripened into something sweet. Lucas, an entrepreneur and coach, knew the minute he saw art teacher Emily that she was the girl he would marry; long jaunts to from their home corner of Minnesota to the other just to see her were inevitable (thankfully it’s a straight shot east from Marshall to Winona so it was an easy drive).

As their future frements, questions will no doubt come up. Thankfully, the two of them have four amazing parents there as role models and sounding boards. The dedication of Debbie, Alan, Sue, and Todd to their kids is unbelievable; the reactions at the father-daughter and mother-son first look show that, and Todd’s speech only further emphasized it. The respect is reciprocal; the couple demonstrated by extending an open invitation their parents to join them in their first dance at the end this wonder winery wedding.

These two might not know what lies ahead in their lives. What is a given is that they have the patience to wait for it and let it develop in its own time. Like the red wine a winery’s oak barrel, their love will only get better over time. Congratulations, Emily and Lucas–best of luck to you (and have a blast in Jamaica)!!


V E N U E // Painted Prairie Winery

D R E S S // Allure Bridals from Infinity by Sisters Bridal and Tux

H A I R + M A K E U P // Salon Seven

R I N G S  // Shane + Co

M E N S W A R E // Infinity by Sisters Bridal and Tux

D E S S E R T S // Simply Sweet Cheesecake

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer. She provides services to elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullest.

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