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The 2020 KLP Wedding Experience Guide is ready!! What good things have been added? Request a copy to see!!

If anyone requests a Kayla Lee Photography Experience Guide, they will see a new thing for 2020 weddings: A one-hour consultation session. This isn’t something that is in every photographer’s wedding package, so a reader might be wondering, what does that mean? Well, that depends on the couple.

See, it is important to know that wedding photography is not just a transaction to me. This is more than running into Target quickly to grab something and get in and get out. Whenever I am booked for a wedding, it is not a “Here’s your money”/”Here’s your photos” situation. I view every contract and every wedding day as an opportunity to serve. I am in it to help couples see your day the way they envision it, and that sometimes means more than just showing up the morning of.

For previous couples, this has meant helping them design and adhere labels to wine bottles. It has also meant sitting down for a cup of coffee to hash through all the logistics of their plan. And on more than one occasion, it has meant a walkthrough of the venue beforehand.  Consultations are so very important for the wedding planning process. I believe it is important that I make myself accessible to my couples beyond email and a phone call; in order to provide the kind of experience that brides and grooms deserve, there are some things need to be done in person.

For that reason, I have made sure that every package new for 2020 includes one hour of one-on-one consultation time for whatever reason a couple might have. I know one of my strengths is being a servant and helping in any way I can; including this little extra amenity ensures that I can do all that I can to make your day picture perfect (literally and figuratively). 

Interested in seeing what else comes with the 2020 Kayla Lee Photography Wedding Experience? Request a guide to read more!




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