Becky’s little ladies: An in-home newborn session I NEWBORN

Jan 30, 2018



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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

BFFs are those rare souls with whom you a special bond. A bond that ties two together, forever. A bond that gets your places.
A bond that gets you yelled at during First Day of School Orientation. As adults. In your first real jobs.
Teacher Becky is THAT friend. We first met at community college, where I specifically remember our discussion about acrylic nails (hers were the perfect length, as opposed to the claws I always left with when I walked out of the salon). We chose different undergraduate colleges, so I was prepared to spend the next two years without her around; imagine my surprise, then, when I saw her coming down the Montague/Bohanon hallway the first week of Spring Semester 2004 (I still get the goofiest grin when I think about it).
After that semester, however, our paths split, and did not cross again until that full-day of new teacher orientation; we were lucky enough to teach in the same district that first year. It was a trying first year for me, full of missteps and misguided guesses, but Teacher Becky, she was there for me, just an inter-district email away from a vent (or a request for a Jack’s margarita and martini date). Again, we were together until we weren’t.
The ebb and flow of life has made has always interrupted, but never ended, my friendship with this lovely lady, who has brought an awesome husband into our quirkiness, and now two lovely little ladies; the youngest of these sweethearts, Avery, is what brought us together for soap, crusty bread, and a mini photo session this last Sunday. I had yet to meet the young lady, who is now just over three months old. I also had not seen the two-year-old Miss Joslinn in recent time; this girlie living under a crown of curls that puts Shirley Temple to shame is her momma to a T (hence why I love her so!). Teacher Becky’s two girls go straight to your heart….see for yourself!


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