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Soft-spoken, sentimental, smart: Matthew, Class of 2018 I SENIORS

Dec 6, 2017



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Hi, I'm kayla.


Sometimes, sessions really emphasize how small of a world it really it.


Amy emailed me about her son Matthew’s senior session; being from the North Dakota side of Minnesota, they spent their summers in the middle of the state and wanted his photos taken here near the shores of Pokegama Lake. This slice of real estate is precious not just because of the lakeshore (because believe you me, property on Pokeg is quite desirable), but because of the family traditions and memories that go along with it. This area had been the seasonal home for generations, enjoyed by grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and cousins upon cousins.


Including apparently my cousin, who is in a relationship with an uncle whose dad was everyone’s favorite shop teacher (and was an awesome shop substitute teacher in my days of junior high). See? Small world.


But what a beautiful world. The hour I spent walking the property with Matthew turned more into a history session than one simply for senior photographs. He talked about the old tractor now encompassed by weeds and the cool stumps surrounded by regrowth. Matthew discussed a little bit about each of buildings we used as backdrops, mentioning how they should be torn now, but just not yet as they are so awesome for photos (with which I enthusiastically agreed). He made such sweet request; one in particular was against the rock retaining wall that his grandfather had put in place ages ago, as indicated by the blanket of yellow green moss that now stretches across it. Even his dogs got to partake in the fun! Despite the clouds that were hanging in the sky, threatening rain as they had done many times this past August, nothing was going to dampen this session (well, at least not beyond the initial delay caused by drops).


This college-bound would-be engineer definitely fits the soft-spoken, sentimental, and smart adjectives that have been bestowed upon him…here is he, Matthew, Class of 2018:






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