36 EXPOSURES: Philadelphia

November 30, 2017


MORAL OF THE SUMMER OF 2017: I love Philadelphia. LOVE.
Someone gets to work a Benjamin Franklin era printing press. FOR PAY. I don’t like to speak in hastags, but that is some serious #lifegoals.
I had never given much thought to Philadelphia before I met one of my most favorite people, Meghan. A coworker for not long enough—but yet long enough to appreciate the brevity of the time and understand that a year was all we needed to become friends—she is a proud Philadelphian who clearly embodies the history from whence she comes (she is a fellow social studies teaching soul). Because of Meghan and her love for her home, I knew I just had to see what it was all about.
Philadephia is all about freedom. With all the glitz of New York City and the political glamour of Washington DC, it is so easy to forget that this country was really birthed in this city of brotherly love. From the Declaration of Impendence and the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall the succession of Washington by Adams, the room where it happens is nowhere but in Philadelphia, who selflessly created a country that they gave up to the swamps of the Potomac.
Philadelphia is all about food. Meghan proudly wore a pictogrammed shirt that proclaimed “I Pretzel Philly.” I also pretzel Philly, as well as cheesesteak it, water ice it, pizza it, scrapple it, you name it. I even rolled ice cream it, having waited in line for nearly two hours at a Sweet Charlie’s (it was worth it).
Philadelphia is all about Philadelphia. Elfreth’s Alley, America’s first neighborhood, is right in Old Philadelphia—which is fitting, as Philly is America’s hometown. Everyone encountered as I meandered on their cobblestone was more than willing to befriend me and tell me about their city. Maybe it was the warm sienna brick buildings crawling with ivy or the copious amounts of eating that made it so homey, but I know the kind souls I met in three days didn’t harden my heart towards this town.
The best after effect? It turns out, Philly looks great on film…

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