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Hi, I'm kayla.


That first look, it says all that needs to be said about this last Saturday.


The tradition of the first look is a relatively new one, as it was once pounded into the head of every engaged couple that it was bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony. This archaic thought was a direct result of arranged marriages, and came from the worry of the bride’s parents that the groom might take off and void the business transaction (because that was romance, back in the day). It was strictly forbidden, and the couple clearly complied.


But what could be bad luck about this?


Even if this superstition of bad luck was bought into, it would not matter with this dynamic duo. Amelia and Scott are the kind of couple to look tradition right in the face and decide for themselves their own rules for love and marriage, as they demonstrated to an intimate collection of family and friends on their swanky destination cruise with the iconic Vista Fleet. While we often hear the traditional adage of “opposites attract,” their strength and resilience as individuals was only made stronger by their union, much like carbon when mixed with the taconite pellets Lake Superior famously helps carry to their smelting location (and made the most amazing backdrop for their great day on the greatest lake).


The strength of this couple no doubt comes from (and for) their families. Between the pair, there are six newly-made brothers and sisters, a couple of mothers who each received an additional child, siblings that now have a new in-law to love, and assorted aunts, uncles and cousins that made this group one big, oh-so-happy family.


See for yourself…




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