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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

I guess September has arrived (which is hard to believe, as currently I see three ninety degree days in the forecast…). Between the start of the school and the Rosh Hashanah on the horizon, September often offers a sense of renewal and fresh opportunities. It’s the perfect time for me to set some meaningful goals that will help me make the most of this transitional month. So when I sat down to do my September goal setting, I arrived at these five, each designed to optimize my life and productivity:

1. Blogging Three Times a Week: As a passionate blogger, I’ve set a goal to publish three quality blog posts every week. I know, I know…I make this goal every month. I can’t help it. This commitment not only helps me refine my writing skills and creativity, but it also allows me to create some meaningful content for couples who are on their wedding planning journey. By maintaining this consistent output, I aim to enhance my online presence and connect with my people on a deeper level.

2. Attending Amber Housley’s Bloom and Grow Live in Nashville: I’m excited about the opportunity to attend Amber Housley’s “Bloom and Grow Live” event in Nashville. If you’ve been around her a bit, you know I love Amber–she’s been a tremendously large presence in my business and my life since 2020, and a lot of the good I do is because of her. This event promises inspiration, knowledge, and valuable networking opportunities. By attending, I hope to gain fresh insights, refine my strategies, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who share my passions and goals and feel ready to tackle winter market season for Sew Festive and be ready to help you rock your new rock for engagement season.

3. Closing My Rings Five Times a Week: Sometimes I find it hard to believe I ever prepped and ran half-marathons. Prioritizing my health and well-being is crucial, so I’ve committed to closing my Apple Watch rings five times a week. This means achieving my daily Move, Exercise, and Stand goals. I would love to retrieve a fraction of the energy I had back in the training day, and this seems like a great place to start.

4. Painting My Living Room and Kitchen: When we were thick into the pandemic and staying at home, I started renovating my living room and kitchen. Then travel opened up again…and that was that. I left so many projects unfinished, as if I fled to avoid them all (which is kind of accurate). This month, I’m taking on the task of finishing a few projects in my living room and kitchen (primality a new coat of paint). This project will breathe new life into my home, creating an inviting and refreshed atmosphere that boosts my daily mood and productivity.

5. Staying Hydrated with One Stanley 40-Ounce of Water a Day: To ensure I’m at my best, I’ve set a goal to drink at least one 40-ounce Stanley Cup each day. Staying hydrated has a profound impact on my energy levels, focus, and overall health. I struggle with chronic pain, and it usually manifests strongest when I am dehydrated, so I need to This simple yet effective habit empowers me to tackle my goals with vigor.

As I embark on my September goal setting journey, I’m excited about the potential for growth and transformation. These objectives are not just tasks; they represent steps toward a more fulfilling and balanced life. By staying committed to these goals, I’m confident that I’ll make the most of September and set the tone for a successful year ahead. Here’s to embracing change, pursuing growth, and achieving our dreams this September!

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer (and handcrafter and designer on the side). She serves elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullestSee more about the KLP Wedding Experience!


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