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Hi, I'm kayla.

I am a sucker for cucumber sandwiches! High Tea service courtesy of Sweet Amelia's Cupcakery. Photos by Kayla Lee.

For many, wedding season is the season of parties. Engagement parties, wedding showers, bachelorette/bachelor shenanigans. There’s a ton of social engagements in your future if you are recently engaged.

A reoccurring theme that is as classic as it is cute is a tea party. A holdover from our youth, tea service wedding parties seem to be a common go-to theme for wedding-related parties. And why not? There’s pretty porcelain, tasty treats, and finger foods. It’s literally the best of everything that exists in the world.

Before believing that it is just as simple as buying some Lipton tea bags and a tin of Royal Dansk butter cookies, let’s run through a few basics about afternoon tea/high tea services:


There are different levels of tea service. According to The Spruce Eats, tea service at its most primary level is called “Cream Tea,” which includes scones, cream (often clotted), and tea. “Light tea” is distinct as it adds additional sweets—such as cookies, cupcakes, and bars—to cream tea. To achieve “Full Tea,” the service must also include savory items, such as finger sandwiches. The latter is was most Americans think of as “afternoon tea.” This is why three-tiered trays are a common icon of afternoon tea—a layer for each service.


While there are no official rules, black teas are often the preferred tea of these services. Early gray is a personal favorite, as it the Paris blend from Harney & Sons tea. Some argue that one black, one green, and one herbal infused tea should always be offered. You can jazz it up by subbing champagne for tea (this becomes known as “Champagne Tea.”


The tea should be hot with cream and sugar available. It is typical to start at the bottom (with the savories) and work your way up…but some (myself included) always OK to eat dessert first or at least mix it up. It is more customary to also have tea service set up in the form of tables rather than like a pot luck. This should be an experience as much as it is and event, so thinking about tables capes adds an extra layer of elegance!

Whatever kind of party is being planned in your honor, there is nothing wrong with a classic afternoon tea service. You could even kick it up a notch by taking your bride-tribe to a millenary class to make hats for it first…but that’s a different story for a different blog post.

What is your favorite tea/scone/finger food?

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High Tea service courtesy of Sweet Amelia’s Cupcakery…and it was DELICIOUS.


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