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Want an iconic bridal portrait like this, consider renting vintage furniture for your wedding! Seating from The White House Co., photo by Kayla Lee.

We live in a rather amazing era for wedding planning, but yet at the same time, it’s kind of scary, too. Pinterest presents us with so many beautiful, literally picture-perfect ideas. On the flip side, however, there is the strive to keep up with the Joneses, which can blow a wedding budget right out the window.

A possible solution to that? Rentals.

There is a whole industry dedicated to collecting a curating all the items you could ever need for your dream wedding and reception. Practically anything—from statement furniture to cake stands to glassware—can be rented for your wedding day. Many of the outfits who offer rentals will even offer set-up and tear down. But why even consider this as an option? There are three reasons why I would recommend rentals to any bride or groom:


It is so easy to say “Oh, I can do/make/create THAT!” (I say it on the regular). But can you really? Let’s take me for an example: I cannot handwrite to save my life. No matter how many YouTube videos I watch, I will never be a calligrapher. Ever. Why should I spend my time trying time and time again when a rental company has a sign gorgeously hand-lettered that I could rent for a fraction of what it could cost me to learn that skill? Furthermore, even if you have the skill, do you have the hours to make it happen? It might be worth renting and using the time for something else wedding-related.


It’s easy to have a solid color game plan, only to have it fall apart because something goes out-of-stock or things don’t quite match up (not all golds are created equal). If renting pieces, however, you can be certain of what all goes together. You get to see for yourself first before investing any money into it. You can even acquire statement pieces that work with your vision, like Ashley in the photo above. She rented several pieces from Fargo-based The White House Co., and it added just the right touches to her vision.


What do you do with all your wedding decor after the celebration? Sell it on Facebook? Yes, this is an amazing opportunity, too. But is that ideal? There are definitely annoyances that come with doing the social media buy-sell-trade route, and it might be better for you to be able to drop it off and be done (or, like I mentioned above, pay them to come and get it and take it away).

This idea to “rent your wedding” might not be the solution for everyone, but it is definitely something worth considering when planning your wedding. Make your budget, see what you will need, and then schedule a time to chat with a rental company to see what they can offer. It can’t hurt…it can only enhance your biggest day.

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