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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

The Simplified Daily Academic Planner...a personal favorite of mine! Photo by Kayla Lee.

If you were to look into my backpack, you would find a Rachel Hollis Priority Planner, a Simplified Daily Academic Planner, and two monthly calendars I got for free at the bank.

And they all are sadly blank. Well, more blank than they should be, considering the bulk of them are barely a month old. I truly love planning and making to-do lists, and I feel so lost without them. With that said, however, I hardly made marks in them in January.

Ah, January…the month that was like four years long, but still zipped by in a millisecond. For me, it was a weird whirl of personal and business projects (one of which I am so excited to announce in July!), so I am not surprised I ran out of time to appropriately plan…but at the same time, I am sad about it.

See, I use my planners so often like my journal. It is in my planner where I not only record what I do, but how I feel about it. My planner pages save quotes and thoughts I hear in podcasts. Each day, like a diary, hold the artifacts of my life. If I do not plan, the record of that day does not exists. When pages are left blank, it is like a part who I am is lost.

So, my goal for February is to get back at it. I am going to be mindful about my planning procedures, and do my dangest to make more time to get life down on paper. I know how much better I feel when I slow it down, write it down, so my first things first for February is to do just that.

First Things First is a personal blog series published at the beginning of each month to spell out goals, dreams, and ambitions…find previous FTF articles here!


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