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As this is being written, the temperature is below zero, which makes me think that we would take any weather above freezing at this point. The current temperature, however, does not take away from the fact that it was some kind of fall, that’s for sure. Cold. Windy. Leaves that lasted like three days. It was far from ideal. For those of us Minnesotans who anxiously wait for autumn to be our breather between mugly summers and wicked winters, it was a disappointment. For those of us who were so excited for engagement photos full of the colors of the equinox, well, it was borderline devastating.
One couple in this predicament was Kirstie and Bryan. One beautiful July boat ride created the best possible day at the lake for Kirstie, who came away with a glimmering, gorgeous new piece of hardware (and we’re not talking Rapala lures here, folks). With a January wedding less than six months away, that left little time for an engagement session, which we had planned on for fall. No big deal…until it got chilly, started to snow, and got so gusty that the little leaves had no other option but to let go.
But we didn’t get mad; we got creative. We got up early to meet at sunrise to take advantage of the “other” golden hour of the day in a little state park that had a few layers of foliage still hanging on to the season. As best as we could, we challenged Mother Nature and made our own fall for their session. Kirstie, Bryan, and their two fur babies climbed and crunch all around Golden Anniversary State Park along the trails that would, in just mere months, be groomed for cross country skiers who lived for the snow. But that Sunday morning in October, Kirstie and Bryan loved on each other in our artificial autumn.
Thank you for letting me capture these for you, Kirstie + Bryan! I cannot wait for your biggest day (which is literally just days away)!




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