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We we all in agreement. There was no dissention, no difference of opinion. Yes, we were all on the same page.
Fall Out Boy from the mid-2000s is the best. No doubt (not that No Doubt doesn’t have its place on the playlist either).
We discussed this oh-so-important topic as the sounds of our generation filled the air at at Dubh Linn’s, one of Duluth’s mainstays located right downtown.
As the atmosphere was effervescent with pop and pop punk Nicki bounced on her barstool next to Tyler. This was not their first or even second time in this exact scenario, as this was the location where these two now met. In a moment of serendipity, these two crossed paths when they crossed Superior Street, and they have been sipping beer and bouncing to the hits ever since.
Nicki and Tyler have a certain sense of adventure that suits them so very well. It’s not a yin-and-yang, to-and-fro deal where one person is more advantageous than the other who simply comes along with for the ride. Nicki and Tyler are equally matched in their want and need for excitement (and maybe even at times a little competitive about who is more ready and willing). In just one afternoon of hanging out with them, it became very obvious that they will do pretty much anything if it sounds like fun (including standing right next to a waterfall or scaling rocks to get into the perfect spot under a bridge).There is very little that scares them, especially Nicki, who follower her heart north from the metro area to be with Tyler; together they are making the northland home.
And what better way to ease the hassle of moving than an engagement session an a favorite bar and walking amongst the rocks and creek on a comfortable and cool early September day? I think these kisses, nuzzles, and smiles speak for themselves (as well as the couple who created them)…




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