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It was a sweet gesture from the officiant, who gently pulled a small travel pack of Kleenex out of the inside pocket of his suit coat. He is always certain to have them, just in case.
“Thanks,” Crystal stated as she brushed them away. “But James is probably going to need those more than I will.”
These would be her famous last words. Not too long into their ceremony those tissues would make a reappearance as a teary-eyed bride recited vows to her groom, who kindly lifted his hand to wipe away an errand tear. A couple more fell during the first dance, and yet more flowed during the father-daughter dance to “Butterfly Kisses.”
“Damn hormones” would be the scapejoke the entire night whenever we joked about it after the fact as Kinsley, the little seven-week-old lady responsible for the hormones, was passed and kissed and cuddled all around the wedding and reception. (In Crystal’s defence, who doesn’t cry to “Butterfly Kisses?” And when James’s stepped out with little Kinsley during the father-daughter dance? Well, I am pretty sure we were all done for at that point of the evening.)
When it comes to “realness,” there are few that are as real as Crystal and James. They are honest, forthcoming, and flexible. When I first met them back in January for their engagement session, it was as clear as the Lake Superior ice on which they stood that this was a couple who placed a high value on life, love, and family (which was even more obvious when the littles literally entered the picture on their late November wedding day at BlackWoods in Proctor, Minnesota. The three kiddos, plus dozens of family and friends, all joined together to wish this couple the best of luck in their joining of their lives into one.
Congratulations, Crystal + James!




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