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February 22, 2018


Handcrafting has always been an important part of my life; I have always loved making my own gifts, and the most common phrase you will ever hear me say outside of “So, here’s the deal” is “Oh, I could make that!” For this reason, I have always had an attraction to weddings, simply because of the little details that often had subtle handmade touches. I will always remember the first wedding I attended, and being so enthralled with the mini plastic champagne glass that carried tulle-wrapped Hershey Kisses.
To get my fix of fantastic favors and inviting invitations, I have had a subscription to Martha Stewart Wedding since eighth grade; having read nearly 80 issues of this bridal bible from cover-to-cover for the last two decades, it has trained me to appreciate the finite elements of a wedding day: The details.
I love shooting wedding details–it is by far one of my favorite times of the wedding day. Armed with my 105mm macro lens, it is usually the first item on my to-do list when I arrive at the venue, and I always try to sneak in a little extra time in my schedule so I can do additional styling (those of you who have worked with me know that once I get get going, I can’t stop-won’t stop…but can you blame me? All those rings and pearls and flowers–oh my!).
I know that the bridal details aren’t always top priority for every bride and groom, but they should be. The jewelry that you are wearing will become, if they are not already, your family heirlooms. Your daughters and granddaughters may one day find their way into your jewelry box, trying one each piece; how nice to be able to take to them your wedding album that can show them the up-close and personal shots of each piece, then the candids of your mom or sister helping you fasten the necklace or secure the earring. Your beautiful, bountiful bouquet will only last so long before the fragrance of the fresh flowers and the delicate details from your florist fade away into time, so it is important to capture their essence at that time, in that moment.
For this reason (as well as other), I recommend always factoring in at least a little time for your photographer to capture these precious elements. No, they are not the typical portrait, but one you will be glad you have from generation to generation.

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