Leeza's Wonderful Words: A whimsical product session I PERSONAL

February 20, 2018


You won’t find me talking much about my beliefs on this blog, but I do need to say this: I believe each one of us as a purpose for the time we are alive. To coincide with this purpose, I do believe we all have a gift that helps us fulfill that purpose. Be that the ability to sing or dance, heal or help, we all have that thing that just comes so naturally to us, it cannot be just in vain; it has to be with a specific use to heal the world.


If you were to ask me what I thought my gift was, I would say without hesitation that my gift has been words. My entire life has revolved around the written word, and it is the one tool I have than I know I can efficiently use. I love writing; there would be daily blog posts if I had the time to treat you with the topics of my heart. With that said, however, I am not naïve enough to think that I have perfection or complete mastery of my use of this tool (none of us can ever say we learned too much about that which we love). For that reason, I do ask for help, and I often ask that of a very talented, amazing, gifted freelancer who loves words as much as I do.


I was more than pleased when this same lovely lady, Leeza, was in need of shots for her portfolio. Leeza offers a fresh take on words that is also so, so sophisticated, smart, and witty. She can say everything there is to be said with such a concentrated word choice, it makes me wish she was there when I was trying to write college application essays in 500 words or less (those of you who have been with me know that I do not always have the gift of brevity when it comes to my writing…curse you, extended metaphors! Just kidding, I love those guys). Leeza’s condenced, saturated use of words makes her a perfect copywriter for anyone who is looking to have a new, creative breath blown into their messages.


Want to see for yourself? Here is a little sneak peek into the portfolio of LeezaWrites



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