Blessings? It's in the bag: Class of 2019 Senior Portrait Donation Opportunity I SENIORS

February 27, 2018



 Way back when, in the magical time of the late 2000s, before the era of LuLaRoe, there was a different franchine that was geared towards helping women entrepreneurs help other women be bold and beautiful. This franchise was called Lillian’s, a quirky, funky purse boutique that, for four days of the month, would flood their respective cities with cute, designer-inspired handbags that were as cheap as they were chic.


As a recovering purse aficionado, this was as much a blessing as a curse. In the year or two that GRand Rapids had an active Lillian’s, I accumulated over a toteful of these colorful, functional carry-alls, which have been tucked away for the better part of the last decade. Recently uncovered and re-discovered, I am more than ready to pass these along…but I want to keep them a blessing to the next owner.


Can you help me, Class of 2019?


Rather than just donate these, I want to fill them with everyday items to you and me, but to others represent hope, but I need help from some of the projected 3.3 million America high school graduates that will cross that stage next May or June, because for nearly every two graduates, one American teenagers is homeless; in this country, there are approximately 1.7 million American teens who are without a permanent residence, without a place to lay their head and listen to music, without a sport of their own. And while we can’t fix it, together we can make it better.


For every senior session booked beginning on March 1, 2018, Kayla Lee Photography will donate one Blessing Bag to local homeless shelters (specifically LifeHouse and Safe Haven Shelter in Duluth). These bags and purses will include all those little things that we take for granted every morning and night: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, washcloth, toothpaste + toothbrush, deodorant, razor + shaving cream, lotion,  facial tissues, snacks, bottle of water, and socks. To get these into the hands of those who need it, all you have to do is what you were going to do anyway: Smile for your senior portraits.


To add another layer of giving, anyone who brings a $5 food gift card to their session to put into “their” bag will receive a custom graduation card design that can be printed anywhere (valued at $25).


Look good, do good, feel good. That’s what I am all about, Class of 2019. Interested? Have more questions? Contact for more information of the Kayla Lee Photography Senior Experience!



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