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Spirited, kind, and free-thinking: Tesla I CLASS OF 2018

Sep 19, 2017


From the very minute her first email arrived, it was obvious that Tesla was going to be a pretty great gal with whom to work. Her presentation of herself through mere words in an email were impressive; her maturity and humor bubbled out of her message and off the screen of my iPhone…it was clear that working with her was going to be a blast!


This was only further emphasized when we finally met for her senior session at Brighton Beach along Duluth’s Lake Superior shore–a spot that we both decided upon as if we had read the other’s mind. Between her personality, her want and desire for the cool sunset sky, and her fedora (!!!), it was destined to be just awesome (SPOILER ALERT: It was!).


This member of the Class of 2018 has a spirit about her that will no doubt serve her well. Torn between two schools, Tesla knows one thing for sure: She wishes to go into English education. Her creativity and spunk will only help, never hinder, as she moves forward to this future (which I can say with nearly 100% accuracy, as I have walked that very same path…).


Tesla’s artistic side definitely took flight during her session, where she infused her own personality into each and every image; with just a simple turn of her smile, Tesla could change the mood and tone of that image. Tesla keeps true to herself, and that will take her farther than the ore ships out on that big body of water take the precious taconite pellets that make this land so sacred to so many.


Spirited, kind, and free-thinking. That is Tesla, Class of 2018…







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