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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.



The best thing about best friends is their ability to see you holistically. They know how to make you laugh; they know how to make you cry. It is almost like they are an emotional mirror that can not only reflect what is being felt, but also bounce back the feelings that are hidden and forgotten at the times they are needed most.


Tyler is this sort of best friend. At one point in the evening, Tyler was covered in tape (don’t ask…just blame Chuck Norris) and tearing us all up with laughter. At another point, he had nearly every single person in Hibbing’s Crown Ballroom in tears. It was an evening full of all the feels as we celebrated the union of Tyler’s best friend to the girl who didn’t divide them as he worried about, but rather made them one terrific trio.


Matt met Beth his senior year; a death sentence to most high school sweethearts, no doubt, as he looked to his future beyond Greenway and as she hunkered in for the two years she still had remaining. It was a harsh reality that had to be faced, but it was one that this duo looked at fearlessly. In their traditional, spunky, determined, spirit no matter what was thrown their way they persevered as a couple, making it through both of their college careers together, unscathed by the troubles that time and distance can cause. Through this time, they kept with each other, remained close hunting and fishing buddies, and proceeded to raise a couple fur babies in Neri and Della (who made an adorable appearance for a few photos…you can’t have family portraits without them, as fur is family).


Defying the doubters, Beth and Matt danced in pure delight that they had made their way onto that floor in that ballroom, having turned their high school flirting into a forever love between two best friends who will always see each other for who they are.


See who they are, right now, in this newlywed moment…











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