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Whenever a love story includes a long Doctor Who t-shirt and a pair of leggings, I know it’s going a good place.
For Kristin and Nate, it didn’t go to a good place, it went to a great place—the front of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, where Reverend Dr. David Mesner pronounced them husband and wife on a Saturday that proved to be a winter wedding wonderland.
The exposition of this story—their love story—didn’t happen too far from where we joined them on Saturday. At a robotics meet at Duluth East High School is where these two would-be bride and groom first met; a second-chance meeting at another tournament in the metro area would seal the deal. Well, that and a fishing trip to Cross Lake this past spring where The Question was popped and The Answer was “Yes!” to a lifetime of love.
This amazing, unique love between Kristin and Nate was evident in every touch of the wedding, which was an incredible combination of a vibrant youth and vintage Old Duluth. From the classic cake adorned with adorable LEGO bride and groom that was housed in the meticulous “Red Room” of the Kithci Gammi Club to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in the background of a “Guess the Star Wars/Star Trek quote to kiss” game to an extra special Thor/Captain America photo taken in a dining area from another golden age, this was clearly Kristin and Nate’s day. It was a true expression of their authentic love, and it was beautiful!
What was also abundantly evident (and just as beautiful) was the greater love of which their union was now a part. These two families who were wining and dining underneath the vaulted ceiling of this 102-year old building were brought together by this day, and leave together as one family. The words that gushed from both sides of the family and friends—be it from those who were present with us or joined by surprise through video—filled that second-floor dining room right up to the top that cupped architecture above with warmth and welcoming.
Reception Venue: Kitchi Gammi Club
DJ/Entertainment: Diamond M.C. Entertainment
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