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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

It happens every single year. Guaranteed.  We wait and wait and wait, only to have our hopes raised and then dropped like snowflakes—just heavier and harder with a lot more uffda.


But then, it happens.


It’s suddenly summer in Minnesota.


When it decides to become summer, it does in fine style. Between the birds, buds, beers, and bonfires, there is a treat for each of the senses. The sun packs an amazing warming punch that was long missed, but yet it is still cool enough to enjoy the perennial experiences before the muggly weather seeps and sweats in. We get to play in the dirt again, just like when we were kids, planning and sowing for a fall harvest of fruits and vegetables that are adult tastes finally enjoy. All the colors at at their highest saturation, the lake is at its desired tepid temperature, perfect for a quick dip to let all winter tensions float and ripple away.


I love the early June days of this season in this region for all of these reasons. It’s one of my favorite things about “home,” and probably all major factors in why I still call here home. Despite summer’s quick onset, I am sometimes slower to wake from my winter hibernation. This may be related more to the end of the school year than it is to winter, but I digress. I spend these opening vacation days on my deck, enjoying coffee and quiet time.


The other day, my quiet time was interrupted by the loudness of the hues of this rarely sunny season. It has been a rainy June so far, but all that does is make the moments of light that much brighter and vibrant and necessary of enjoyment. The radiance called for my camera, and it ended with a few floral moments of summer’s illuminated life.





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