#SweetFreja: Grand Rapids, MN Newborn Session

June 21, 2016


It’s been a week since I met little Freja, and I just cannot get over her hair.


Dan and Elizabeth’s sweet little lovely lady has just this amazing mass of dark, dark hair that, according to the parents, was styled into a Mohawk the day she was born and has remained that was since. While most parents recoil at the thought of their teenage child cutting their hair in such a way, this hairdo only brought forth giggles and smiles from Mom and Dad, who only cuddled and cooed her as they told this story.


Freja no doubt came home to house that was more than ready for anything she could through at them, even radical hairstyles. She is a rainbow baby for her parents, the beauty after the storm; her older brother, Leo, was born an angel, and Dan and Elizabeth did nothing but love everyone from that moment on (I would like to say this is a family of angels after seeing the good that they were doing…still gets me a little weepy-eyed when I think about how selflessly these two love everyone, especially their children). She came home to this loving comfort; it was at this home where hours of photography took place, and while it was a dreary Wednesday outside, it was nothing but bright and bubbly with this beautiful new baby inside.


 Despite numerous outfit changes (which included things being pulled over her head, something I learned she was not too keen on…), Freja was a perfect little model, showing us her entire range, from sleepy smiles to sarcastic scowls (which her perfectly timed with her Joe Mauer onesie…and I can’t lie and say I don’t scowl a bit when in Twins gear). In my few fleeting moments with this family, it became very clear that these moments were just the beginning of their lifetime of love.








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