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When I got put to work on securing boutonnieres when I was really supposed to be taking photos of Rob and his boys, I knew this day was going to be some kind of awesome; the chatter, jokes, and the unexpected second shooter who “helped” me while I was pinning on lapels confirmed it. The humor and warmth that filled that little lobby of First Lutheran Church wasn’t just because of the end-of-May mugginess that we were all feeling; it was the true nature of these gents, one of whom Kate was about to call her husband.
I met Kate a few years back at a local high school speech meet through a mutual friend, but it wasn’t until this year when we became coworkers and fellow English teachers that I got to know her witty and wonderful self. Super sweet with a little salty satirical sarcasm, she is most definitely my kind of girl. She even quoted William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 on the program, which is so beautifully cool.
Having read the program before I met the groomsmen, I had an inkling of the personalities with whom I was going to be spending the afternoon. When I finally met them in that alcove with the boys and their boutonnieres, I realize that her groom was just as great as Kate. During the course of the entire day, I didn’t see Rob’s smile waiver all but a handful of times (and those might have been under the photographer’s direction…). He was all smiles and laughs all day, but yet never in a mocking way. At the center of every single silly moment was pure joy; he was unquestionably having the greatest day of his life. He was absolutely living in this moment, his moment—their moment. What was most touching about this is “their” for Rob isn’t just Kate and himself; it is him and her and her three sons. Without having to speak a single word of it, Rob shouted nothing but giddy excitement in having this day finally here.
Here is a look at how the day’s actions spoke louder of love for the new husband, new wife, new life than words every could…
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