May 11, 2021


Not just a postcard in a National Lampoon’s Vacation montage…The Big Fish Supper Club is one of the very Minnesotan things we’ve come to love.

On this day, 163 years ago, Minnesota became the 32nd state.

It will always be #1 in my heart.

Minnesotan is the adjective I use to describe myself first before anything else. I am so proud to be from this land of 10,000 lakes. Like my hometown’s leading lady said in her most famous of roles, there is no place like home.

Say it again, sister.

To show that we are truly like no other place, I compiled a list of 163 great things that are uniquely Minnesotan. See any of your favorites here?

  1. Lake Superior
  2. Tater Tot Hot Dish
  3. Spaghetti Hot Dish
  4. Snickers Pie
  5. Mall of America
  6. The Oregon Trail
  7. Orpheum Theatre
  8. Prince
  9. Minnesota Twins
  10. Angus
  11. Semisonic
  12. Mitch Hedberg
  13. Glensheen Mansion
  14. Target
  15. “Ope”
  16. The Zipper Merge
  17. Paul Wellstone
  18. Headwaters of the Mississippi
  19. Eagle Mountain
  20. Devil’s Kettle
  21. “Oh for cute!”
  22. Sax-Zim Bog
  23. William A. Irving/Haunted Ship
  24. 3M Scotch Tape
  25. Post-It Notes
  26. Charles A. Lindbergh
  27. Father Baraga’s Cross
  28. Ely, just in general
  29. Gunflint Trail
  30. Tippi Hedren (The Birds)
  31. BWCA
  32. Big Fish Supper Club
  33. ValleyFair
  34. Nick Swardson
  35. Princess Kay of the Milky Way
  36. Stella Maris Chapel
  37. Twister
  38. Minneapolis Millerettes
  39. Jessica Lange
  40. Bisquick
  41. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  42. Split Rock Lighthouse
  43. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  44. “Uffda!”
  45. Top the Tater
  46. Frozen Minnehaha Falls
  47. Hormel Foods
  48. Pop
  49. Sven and Ole’s
  50. Duck, Duck, Grey Duck
  51. Caribou Coffee
  52. Sean William Scott (aka Stiffler from American Pie)
  53. Block Heaters
  54. Meat Raffle
  55. Invented Apples
  56. Skol
  57. Purple Rain
  58. Purple Reign
  59. Mayo Clinic
  60. The Coen Brothers
  61. Toastmaster, the first pop-up toaster
  62. Stone Arch Bridge (Minneapolis)
  63. Minnesota State Highway 38
  64. Terry Gilliam
  65. Maroon and Gold
  66. The Bundt Pan
  67. Mallrats
  68. Mukluks
  69. Summit Brewing
  70. Surly Brewing
  71. Crave
  72. Pizza Luce
  73. Cameron Coffee
  74. Ecolab
  75. Milky Way Candy Bar
  76. Walter Mondale
  77. Sugar Lake – Grand Rapids, MN
  78. James Arness (from Gunsmoke)
  79. Peter Graves (from Airplaine…James’s brother)
  80. The Mighty Ducks
  81. Grocery Bags with Handles
  82. Cathedral of St. Paul
  83. 200K+ hectare of state parks
  84. Dayton’s
  85. Northwest Angle
  86. Microwave Popcorn
  87. Josh Hartnett
  88. Concordia Language Village
  89. Taconite Pellets
  90. Bob Dylan
  91. Inline Skates (aka Rollerblades)
  92. Juicy Lucy
  93. The North Stars
  94. The Twins
  95. The Rembrants
  96. Betty’s Pies
  97. Lea Thompson (Back to the Future trilogy)
  98. Cascade River State Park
  99. Fargo
  100. Minnesota Wild Rice
  101. Abdallah Candies
  102. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
  103. Edina Galleria
  104. Cosetta’s
  105. Lake Superior Lake Glass
  106. Duluth, in general
  107. The Iron Range
  108. Boomtown
  109. Metrodome (RIP)
  110. Duluth Pack
  111. Waterskis
  112. The Andrews Sisters
  113. The Loon
  114. 50th and France
  115. Izzy’s Ice Cream
  116. 90K miles of shoreline
  117. Dr. Demento
  118. Chanhassen Dinner Theatre (the largest one of its kind)
  119. Polaris Industries
  120. Aveda
  121. The Lost 40
  122. Joyce Estate
  123. Greyhound Bus
  124. Tobie’s
  125. Halsey Hal
  126. Minnesota 210
  127. Green Giant
  128. Wheaties
  129. The Stapler
  130. Tonka Trucks
  131. The Paul Bunyan Statues
  132. Rice Cakes
  133. The Hull-Rust Mine
  134. Chris Pratt
  135. First Avenue
  136. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
  137. Grumpy Old Men
  138. Guthrie Theatre
  139. Trampled by Turtles
  140. Como Zoo
  141. Sun Country
  142. Boxed Cake Mix
  143. Vince Vaughn
  144. Maurice’s
  145. General Mills
  146. Lunds & Byerlys
  147. Schwan’s (were you even a kid without Silver Mint Bars?)
  148. Creative Memories
  149. Minnesota State Fair
  150. Judy Garland
  151. Lake Bemidji
  152. Zubaz
  153. Pacemakers
  154. Airplane Oxygen Masks
  155. National Eagle Center
  156. Temple Israel, Minneapolis
  157. Gold Medal Flour Sign
  158. Better Business Bureau
  159. Great Northern Railroad
  160. Nerf Ball
  161. Breathe Right Nasal Strip
  162. In-the-ear Hearing Aids
  163. Target Field (had to end with Target somehow…)

So diverse, so different…so Minnesotan. What is YOUR favorite part of Minnesota?

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer. She provides services to elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullest! See more about the KLP Wedding Experience!

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