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Vendor Spotlight

Wedding portraits against the historic building. Clyde Iron Works, a Duluth wedding venue. Photo by Kayla Lee.

When I mentioned to my dad that I would be shooting a wedding at Clyde Iron Works, he was particularly interested and slightly confused. 

“Clyde Iron Works? I haven’t heard that name in forever! Seriously? People get married there?”

See, my dad was born and partially raised in Duluth’s west end. His memories of the city focus around the industrial and shipping power it once was. Microbreweries, shopping areas, and upscale wedding venues were not a part of the picture he has in his mind of his home.

Clyde Iron Works? That’s where his uncle worked. He made hoists and cranes. It was a dirty old brick building that didn’t host gourmet plated dinners or wedding danced. It did the hard work for which Duluth is known.

Oh, what a difference 70 years and Alex Guiliani can make.

Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, Minnesota. A historic wedding venue. Photo by Kayla Lee.

In 2003, the aforementioned Duluthian purchased the antique industrial building. Over the course of nearly a decade, he renovated the 10.5 acre lot to make it something new. That something new is a “premier restaurant, bar and event venue.”

From my experience, it is definitely premier. History meets modernity with Clyde Iron. The artifacts of its past are still present in the venue, and those remnants pair so well with the clean, elegant trends common with the wedding industry today (unless I am the only one that loves crisp white linens and vintage brick together…).

I would usually take this time to explain the space, but they have an awesome virtual tour that you have to check out (or click here to read about their never-ending offerings). After seeing the set up for Ross and Kristina’s wedding, I can say this: There was an intimate ceremony space on one balcony, a great area for a cocktail hour on the other, and then a beautiful and classic reception space on the main floor. It was gorgeous (see for yourself).

Duluth is a Minnesota icon. It is super trendy while remaining true to its strong industrial roots that built it. Those two words collide at Clyde Iron Works, making it an ideal venue for anyone in search of true, unapologetic Zenith City wedding.




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