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I was so lucky to be able to be a part of the inaugural The Wedding Market Bridal Expo of Grand Rapids this past weekend. I got to collaborate and network with over three dozen of mother Minnesota’s premiere wedding vendors and gush with brides and grooms about their big day. I even got to be a part of a panel to discuss all things wedding (public speaking is always a treat for born communicator).
I was asked a certain question, though, that I thought you all in cyberspace deserve to hear as well, as it is important for anyone who is embarking on wedding planning to hear. The question was “What are your top three tips for brides- and grooms-to-be?”
Having worked with dozens of couples across Minnesota, I am convinced they there are three knows that every wedding planning couple must attend to: Know your budget, know your style, know your personality.
1. KNOW YOUR BUDGET: Before you even start looking at vendors, it is so important to know what you have to spend (and where you want to spend it). Do you want to have a party bus like this kick-booty mobile party? Or do you want a photographer AND videographer? Is your music and entertainment important? Knowing what funds you have available for each options will allow your search to be more specific and purposeful once you start looking for those perfect vendors to help you make your day come to life.
2. KNOW YOUR STYLE: A wedding shouldn’t be a bunch of things thrown together because someone says you HAVE to (and trust me, as you plan you wedding, there are going to be lots of voices telling you how it needs to be). Every choice you make for your celebration should reflect who you are. Once you know what you like (and what you don’t), decisions will make a lot of sense, and will be made with a lot more confidence (which will make that budget seem to spot on and worth it).
3. KNOW YOUR PERSONALITY: Are you a leader with a vision, or do you want someone to take complete charge? Do you want a lot of freedom to bring in you own DIY flair, or do you relinquish control to someone else? These elements of your personality should play into who you hire as your vendors. For example, I have been told by my shyer, more reserved couples that they hired me because they believed I would coax them out of their shell and help them be their best in front of the camera. Picking your wedding vendors should come from a place of not only price or style, but also compatibility.
Learning how to say “no” when planning your wedding may be difficult, but once you know your knows, it will be much easier to sort through what feels wrong and know what feels perfect for your and your love.
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