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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

A few years back, there was this thing going around Facebook where people were guessing what concerts others had actually gone to, or something like that.

That was simple for me, as I have only been to one concert in my life: Sister Hazel at the Quest Club in Minneapolis in 2000. That’s it. No, seriously.

I have literally only been to one concert. Ever.

When it comes to musical entertainment, I prefer mine in the theatre. I love musicals. The singing the dancing, the stories…I just love going to musicals. I have never had the ambitious to be in them; I just appreciate the work and effort that goes into a whole theatrical production. Whenever I go on vacation, the first thing I check out is where I can eat, then what I can see.

If I had to pick my top five, it would be these shows:


“Fiddler on the Roof” will always be my favorite musical; I have seen that show like how my dad has seen the Rolling Stones: Everytime I can no matter where I am at. I’ve seen high school productions, broadways versions, at dinner theatres, in Hebrew…I love Fiddler; it’s my favorite.


I have only seen “Anything Goes” once, and it was a Grand Rapids High School version back in 2007, but it is my second favorite. I like the story of this show, as well as the songs. “Blow Gabriel Blow” is one of my melodies when I am singing to myself in my car. It’s a good one, this show.


I like “Hamilton.” Anything that makes history relevant is a winner in my book. The songs are catchy, and I am always up for a sing-through musical. “Hamilton” was also the first on-Broadway/in NYC show I saw, so it is sentimental to me for that.


Upbeat and catchy, “Hairspray” is just all around good fun with a great message (don’t hate people for superficial reason). I saw this at the Chanhassen in 2012, and it still ranks up there as one of the greatest shows I’ve seen.


As the newest show on the list, this one may be a little unknown. It is the story of the town of Gander, Newfounland, and the thousands of stranded travelers who were diverted there and away from American airspace in the moments and days after 9/11. It is a technical wonder: A cast of  twelve perform the roles of dozens (if not hundreds) of people. They move between characters so flawless it goes unnoticed, and it really encompasses all the feels that went with those immediate days after that insurmountable tragedy. I recommend seeing all the shows on this list, but this one really is a must-see.

I recommend these…but I am also looking for YOUR recommendations? What is your must-see musical?

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer. She provides services to elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullest! See more about the KLP Wedding Experience!


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