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Fife and Mitzi were all over their session. This time not only called for a road trip to Banning State Park in Sandstone, Minnesota, but it also meant some time outside with their humans, Scott and Keely, and then some new third human who had this black box attached to her hand that she would raise up to her face randomly.
That was OK, they figured, as this new human still had time to hold up their toy. She was kind of weird, the two figured, as she would say things like “Now they’re looking at the camera!” which was odd, as they were just looking in the direction of the squeak.
What’s a camera, anyway? Did it squeak? Could it be eaten?
The only real problem Mtizi and Fife faced during their late-fall photo shoot was that there came a point where they were put back into their car and left to hang out as their people parents left with the new lady, all of whom headed back into the woods and mostly out of sight and into their engagement session.
How dare we?
Aside from being a couple of Grade A dog-parents, Keely and Scott are the kind of couple you meet and just know they are awesome. Warm and welcoming, sweet yet sassy, they are about as authentic as two people can come. I knew within the first five minutes of our discussion at the Surley Brewing Company that these were my kind of people; their late fall engagement session only further confirmed their amazingness. Their grace towards their dogs, to each other, and to me shows how big of a heart each one has, I consider myself so lucky to get to work with them on their wedding day.
199 days, you guys…and I (and my brand-new, dry, non-swimming 105mm macro lens) cannot wait!
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