January 29, 2019


Raise your hand if you ever daydreamed about being a part of the movie industry. Is yours up? How about you over there? I am guessing there are quite a few of us who thought somehow, someway we would be in (or at least around) films.
I know I did. I never anticipated being an actor of any kind as I am a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. For a brief time in my life back in the day (and anytime I watch any part of an awards show these days) I wanted to either write screenplays or direct. True to my journalistic self, I wanted to make what others could love; I wanted to create art that told narratives in which viewers could see themselves and their beautiful tales.
While methods may change, some ambitions never do. I am beyond delighted that instead of writing and directing I get to photograph and blog your amazing love stories (I think I am the real Oscar or Emmy winner with that trade off). But that doesn’t mean we can’t throw back every once in a while, right?
I always say every time I travel that I should do a vlog. I also think I should cut out sugar, so this should be a clear indicator of the likelihood of either happened (as I devor a pink frosted sprinkled donut, Homer Simpson style). The middle ground I am willing to give myself? One 60-second video per vacation (and a switch to almond flour-based desserts).
The first video comes from a morning spent at the Maggie Daley Park’s Skating Ribbon in CHicago, Illinois. Right there, with the city in the background, visitors can skate, stop and sip some hot chocolate, and enjoy a unique vantage point of one of the great midwest towns.
Here are sixty seconds of skates whisking the ice, families and friends chatting, and the season’s final carols filling the air. Here is Morning at Maggie Daley.

LESSON LEARNED: Never leave the monopod at home. That piece of equipment looks like a billy club, so I really don’t like carrying it around. It is, however, a must.

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After fourteen years as a high school educator, I stepped back through a door I thought was closed. Journalism came back into my life. Armed with a Masters of Arts in Communication, I was again challenged and prepared to tell the stories that would become history, but with a twist: It is now your legacy of love that I document. The tension I seek is that from every tear, smile, laugh, and moment of love on your wedding day. 


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