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April 6, 2018


Well, it hit 30 degrees today; that’s almost summer by Minnesota’s standards.


There is no doubt that spring is a much sought-after commodity around these parts. After the snowy, cold winter (and the back-and-forth as the season struggles with saying goodbye), we get a little stir crazy as cabin fever hits, and we want to move from ice fishing to just fishing as well as switch our snowshoes for flip flops.


This time of year always has me longing for summer. Not just because of the vacation, barbeques, and the warmth, but also because of the wonderful families that I get to meet as family session season starts. It brings me such joy to meet your families for the first time along the shores of your lake home or at the cabin you are having your family reunion. Being there to see and save every sweet smile, kind kiss, and gentle laugh between family, be them tight-knit or long-lost, is such a joy. Telling the story of your family’s summer vacation is my pleasure, and I look forward to all the tales that the summer of 2018 holds.


Before we get too far into the summer (it is only April, after all), let’s take a minute to think back to the summer of 2017 (and one honorable mention from 2016) and all the stories that were told then. There was the family who invited me to the lake on which Ma and Pa owned rental properties for years, and now each sibling has a spot along that shore. There was the troupe from all corners of the United States that met in the middle at an AirBnB the mom and dad located. There was the northern Minnesotan mom who brought her East Coasted-based family back to her childhood. That is just a sample of the lovely families that stood before my camera and loved on each other, even if just a little bit.


Here is just a selection of their smiles….








Interested in saving your own family memories? Visit the Family page to learn more! 

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