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April 10, 2018


One of the most common concerns I am told about when I ask clients “What do you want me to avoid?” I hear the same thing: Avoid double chins. A legitimate concern, no doubt (you’re talking to the girl who bought into the claims of an anti-double chin cream that not only failed to remove the superfluous mandible, but created other blemishes that maybe were worse…).
Before we discuss how, let me tell you what: It’s not nearly as bad as you think. I pinky swear. The body has a weird way of mushing and smushing together at the worst possible times. Lifting a phone for a selfie moves us one way; huddling close to a friend’s shoulder pushes us another. Darn near everyone is going to double up under these circumstances.
So why doesn’t everyone find themselves with a super-obvious double chin? Because of a couple tips and tricks that I can (and will!) gladly share with you today. The three most reliable, easy-to-execute strategies for a flattering portrait are as follows:
  • Be sure the camera is angled slightly above and out from you. This forces you to look up rather than down, which will reduce the appearance of a double chin. I don’t stand on a chair or a stool just because I am short; it is also because this is the easiest way to create flattering angles for everyone.
  • Tilt into the image by leaning into the camera. Bend ever slightly at the waist, and bow towards the photographer. Even the slightest shift will lengthen you, stretching out that pesky decolletage area. Don’t go too far–move more as if you are laughing at the camera rather than picking something up.
  • Avoid open-mouth smiles, if possible. Dropping your chin by literally cracking a smile will compact the assumed problem area, so try not to have your mouth parted too much. You can also rest your tongue behind your teeth, which will tighten the neck muscles just a touch, helping reduce the double chin.
There are other tips, too, but these three are the ones I have tried (with myself as well as with clients) and they seem to have the most consistent success. When that moment strikes and you need to strike a pose, these are three instantly applicable tricks to smooth skin, from chin to collarbone.
When you try these in your next photo, let me see how it works! Use the hashtag #kaylaleemademedoit on Instagram or tag Kayla Lee Photography & Design on Facebook.

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