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Hi, I'm kayla.

There are much, much worse things than marrying a Lions fan.
They could be a Packers fan, which may even worse than a Eagles fan (which is kind of hard to say, considering how last night went).
But last night is not what matters; no, the 38 unanswered points that were allowed by the top-ranked Vikings defense is greatly overshadowed by Crystal and James, whose engagement session along (and on) the frozen shore of Lake Superior yesterday is so heartwarming it could make Viktor the Viking smile.
In stark contrast to their anticipated October wedding day, complete with a warm sun and annual color turnover, the day of their engagement was beautiful in it’s own wintry way. The hazy light grey sky blocked from view the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge, breaking up only as it hit against the even grayer Lake Superior waters. The beautiful smooth purplish brown rocks, now glazed with a layer of ice, formed an artificial floor on which for Crystal and James to hug, snuggle, and kiss their way through their session.
And all of that they certainly did.
While James has been a part of this community for a little over a half of decade, Crystal was new to Duluth, having only recently moved to the city that is cool not only because of its weather. Both have settled in, however, and will be hosting their families, creating a situation almost like having a destination wedding here at home (which is the best of both world).
They have offered the acceptance of the other’s football loyalties. Yes, Crystal the Vikings fan and James the Lions fan have put aside any potential gridiron grudges and have decided that love is not (pig)skin deep; if we can love one another despite football allegiances, and if we can be there for each other when our teams falter leaving us with a sixth NFC Championship defeat in as many meetings, well, that relationship can make it through anything together.
And that is Crystal and James, who are not football foes, but rather forever Valentines, which is appropriate as February is just around the corner, and we all know what cupid brings: Pitchers + catchers reporting for Spring Training.


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