Serious, sassy, humble: Autumn, Class of 2018 I SENIORS

January 18, 2018


The old Sugar Lake Town Hall west of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, is perfect in my memory. The number of summers spent along the shore of the lake called Sissebakwet is innumerable. The perfect tan sugar sand against the shallow aqua waters was made for splashing and soaking in the sun. In regards to modern photography: The white walls with the peeling paint, the masses of wildflowers that edge a little bit of open space, the road perfectly surveyed and laid before the building. It also has these two beautiful blue doors right out front; abandoned by time and the survival of the fittest that comes with the evolution of a small town, the no-doubt once vibrant color had faded into cerulean, but that only adds to their charm. I had been hanging onto the idea of these doors for the longest time.


It is amazing, and it was ready when the right senior came along.


That senior was Autumn, who herself was familiar with the building, thanks to her family’s summertime fun in the same blue-green waters.


Autumn posed perfectly before those big antique azure doors, and with each image demonstrated how exactly she is sassy, serious, and humble. While there is no doubt a spark within this young lady, she was all work when the camera was out and ready to work. Her mission was clear: To have beautiful, model-like images; she did everything she could to make that happen (and she succeeded). In the moments she was more comfortable, a little bit of sass would bubble out of her and into my lens, adding just another layer of personality and beauty to her images (especially when the adorable fluffy Samoyed Husky literally entered the picture).


Even more than her serious sassy self is the humble nature of this member of the Class of 2018. Never once did an ounce of vanity show nor a moment of concern. Even as her mom and I gushed about how amazing her images were looking, only a small smile would break and a bit of pink would flush upon her cheeks. That’s it.  Autumn simply lived in the moment, and has the images to prove it.


Here she is–serious, sassy, and humble–Autumn, Class of 2018…







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