Ciara + Phil: Hitting a home run in romance (AKA I think I glove you)

Ciara + Phil: Hitting a home run in romance (AKA I think I glove you) I ENGAGEMENT

Oct 17, 2017



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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

If you have followed along the last couple of years, you know I am all about a good story. Before I switched to Education, my major was journalism, because all I wanted to hear for the rest of my life were the best stories this world had to offer. As I have moved backed towards that objective, I have developed a fondness for longtime loves. High school sweethearts are always a blast, as they make the cutest start to a love story.


But there is a couple that is going to challenge all those prom dresses-turned-wedding-gowns in terms of adorablility (there you go, a new word for your Tuesday).


Ciara and Phil met during their time together at Bemidji State University, where she majored in nursing and he played on the Beaver baseball team. Their undergraduate romance lasted well beyond their time in their dorm hallways along Lake Bemidji, and has lasted with them as they transitioned out from students to fiancees, which will be their title before they become husband and wife next June.


Naturally, then, it would make perfect sense for an engagement session to be back at the hallowed halls of their alma mater, snuggling in that oh-so familiar dugout on a dreary August Friday night. Bu the clouds could not contain this couple, not in any way. They are a bright light to be reckoned with–Phil, a natural comedian, was as jovial as they come, never once complaining about being photographed, but rather taking any chance he could to model. This freelance modeling allowed for Ciara to beam the most beautiful, natural smile. The amount of joy that comes with this dynamic duo is inspiring, and does indeed serve as an amazing sign that the best is yet to come in their love story.


Let it be contagious and check out that happiness yourself…





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