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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

It was in a twelve passenger van on the way to our first photo location when the first point of compromise between Cassie and Cole came into discussion. These two weren’t even officially married yet, and they were already trying to sort a situation out. They were chatting amongst themselves when the bride turned to explain the situation: She wanted someplace warm, he wanted someplace with snow, and perhaps hunting and maybe a little fishing.


It is the great Minnesota couple debate, one that at times escalates to a level hotter than the sands on a tropical beach or chill a relationship to colder than an Alaskan mountaintop.


But for these two? Just a giggle from the bride and a sly smile from the groom. So chill, so calm, so Cassie and Cole.


These two had been together quite a while, and played the distance game for the first little bit (and the distance was great enough to make sister-in-law Morgan question it). But yet they persevered, and made it work. They made it out to each other. They made time for vacations. They made exceptions that are expected of time and distance. Because of this, they made it to the altar this past Saturday where they became something they were always meant to be: Husband and wife.


Everything and everyone that came together made this an amazing wedding day for this determined and dedicated couple. Brian from Orty’s Meats made a delicious smorgasbord of chicken and pork while friends and family came together and created ample (and very, very tasty) side dishes (including a incredibly crafty mom who doubled as a vinter, providing unique and flavorful wedding wine). It was an incredible showing of love for this duo that prove anyone can have a happy ending…as long as you make it work.





Venue // Morse Town Hall, Deer River

Dresses // The Wedding Parlour

Flowers // Shaw Florists

Catering // Orty’s Meats + Amazing Friends + Family








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