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A lot of love in Minnesota's northwoods I FAMILY

Jul 28, 2017

Photobombers aren’t always the most loved person at a photo session. The jokesters often pick the most inopportune time to conduct their shenanigans, and it tends to lead to annoyance first, followed by frustration which is topped off with irritation, which makes the remainder of the session a struggle.


However, an exception can be made when said intruder is pint-sized, and just happens to be the cutest little blue-eyes, blonde haired sweetie pie that anyone could meet. It isn’t fair to call such a soul a true photobomber; she is better described as a photo-maker, as she transferred her excitement into the images.


This is exactly what was encountered last week near Clubhouse Lake. Nothing nothing was going to stop Miss Mila from rushing into the frame to hug and kiss on her aunt and uncle, cousins, or grandparents. And nothing could stop the smiles cracking across their faces each and every time she came into their shot.


And this photographer wouldn’t have it any other way.


It was beautiful, as it is what family vacations are all about: Being a family.


That’s exactly what this family did in the very up northwoods of Marcell, Minnesota. Grandma Marlys and Grandpa Jim, their children–Justin with his wife Sarah and Jana with her husband Wes–and the three grandkids (along with the pup, Ruby) enjoyed the best of what northern Minnesota had to offer, but moreso relished in each other’s company. The adults sat and chatted, the kiddo cousins ran and played in ways they don’t always get to do, and it was picture perfect.


See for yourselves…




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