The gift that keeps giving: Family Mini Sessions

May 11, 2017



Some of the best memories come from the most unexpected events. I get it–often there is not enough times to document these moments that matter. Between this errand and that appointment and every practice we don’t make space for memories. And we’re all impacted–moms, dads, aunties, uncles, even grandma and grandpas. And when we do decide to make time, is always the same: It is next time. The next family reunion. The next birthday. The next holiday. It’s the revolving plan that is more akin to spinning our wheels rather than getting it done.


I don’t want you to let next time turn into a uncaptured pastime. I cannot let the smiles and smirks go unloved any longer. For the months of May and June I am offering a mini session to celebrate the time you have each other in a big way–like a big, 11×14 framed image way.


To celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I am offering a special family session package. For twenty minutes at a special space (like a park or a forest, or even your own backyard), you, me, and anyone in your family (including those furbabies) will hang out, visit a bit, take a few images, and have a little fun (hopefully in the sun, even)!


From the family photos we take, you will get to select your absolute favorite to receive as a framed 11×14 fine art print (which is a fancy-pants way of saying extra-awesome paper and ink that will last a long, long time). The frame? It’s a modern wood frame with distressed paint offered in a variety of colors that perfectly matches your family’s unique personality. 


Along with the print comes 15 fully-edited photos with printing release that can be used for any purpose imaginable–from additional prints to holiday cards to even social media profiles.


That’s it. A quick, concentrated chunk of time and family togetherness that packs one heck of a photographic punch with an built-in wall hanging reminder of the good moments you’ve made as a family. Sounds pretty good, eh? 


But I know what you’re wondering…and I think that sounds pretty good, too. All of this retails for approximately $250. But for the months of May and June, this can be yours for the small investment of $175! That’s all for something beautiful that you can enjoy day in and day out, something that will save your moments and your memories (that are, of course, priceless). 


Please know spots are limited, and this session must be completed within 45 miles of Grand Rapids (or you may incur a travel charge). Interested? Awesome! Just shoot me a message so we can work out a date!

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