#SweetFreja is almost 1 year old?! I SMASH CAKE

May 9, 2017



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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

 Select Sundays this past year have found me in one of the most loving places with two great people and their little lady. And a grandma and grandpa, as well as a papa (who I just can’t believe is anywhere near 80 years old). It’s been several sessions that were nothing but love and smiles and pure happiness on the farm with family.


This session was no different. But this time, we had a different conclusion at the end of photo time. Mom Elizabeth, dad Daniel, and I all agreed on three things when we finished this smash cake session: Gluten-free cake is not bad at all, soy-based frosting is no different then most, and Freja will always, ALWAYS, be the baby.


This was the thought process of our three brains as we stood out again in the expansive field at the family farm, just starting to sprout and come alive for spring and summer. We had just spent a half hour or so watching their little girl gently taste, then dive head first, and then smash a cake with only her right hand (at first anyway) in the exact same spot where we first met to take their maternity photos just over a year ago. We watched our time together come full circle, all of us in awe as to how big this little one has gotten, and how fast our time together has gone.


We sure made the most of the time we had. Underneath the blanketing blue sky this past Sunday, Freja, in her adorable denim jumpsuit, chatted away as she enjoyed the early birthday cake she had all to herself. She was more than willing to high-five anyone, especially after her hand became engulfed in fluffy pink frosting. She loved watching the teal, rose, pink, orange, and white balloons bobbed around. We let her reactions to the distractions of food and decoration distract us from the fact that she will soon be a toddler.

No matter how old she may get, she will always be #sweetfreja, and we will always have these moments to remember just how sweet she really is…























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