Little Lady Ivy is (almost) One Year: A Twin Cities Smash Cake Session I A YEAR OF SMILES

April 13, 2017


Multiple things were learned prior to Ivy’s smash cake session:

  1. Cub Foods has little five-inch cakes that travel very well.

  2. Time goes way, way too fast.

  3. When all else fails, 3D print it.

It was the cutest little cake, with the softest pink frosting with a one-of-a-kind plastic gold cake topper (which was not cut out of balsa wood as planned…) that took the trip three hours south to meet up with the sweetest soon-to-be-One Ivy. It was just over a year before where Mom- and Dad-to-Be walked around Hidden Falls in St. Paul to capture their maternity session–to save the precious moments right before their titles would change forever in the best of ways.


Now, here we were, a year later in the comforts of their Twin Cities home, watching this little lady stand and bounce and laugh; like the little lady she has become, she communicated with those around her, often times offering up her prized possession, a Little People’s’ plastic brown cow, or a handful of her smash cake.


Even more like the little lady she is, she attacked her cake with grace and a delicate nature that one could do nothing but giggle. Daintily she would help herself to a little frosting, and then a little more, and then a little more…until her fluffy pink tutu was nothing but yellow cake and frosting and her face was nothing but smudges and smiles. The adorableness continued as she got her foot into the frosting, lifting her little tootsies, grinning the whole time.

It’s crazy to think that Ivy is already one-year-old. It is so surreal to look back through her sessions, and see this little peanut who cozied up in a galvanized tin bucket dig into a cake with a spoon she can (already?!) hold on her own. But this time that has passed, it sure is adorable…and I am so happy that it will live forever on this blog and in the lives of those who will watch little Ivy grow to into an amazing young lady!
































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