January 4, 2017


If the mini German lesson I received at the True North Salon serves me right, it is an understatement to say that Matt is spiders about Olivia, and vice versa. Within mere moments of meeting each of them, it was clear that they were the absolute craziest about each other.

It all started for Matty and Ollie about a year and a half ago; she was sent to South Dakota by her company, he was a hometown boy. As that story goes, they were meant to meet, fall in love, and have the rest be history.

Reality, however, often times has a way of being more of a hindrance then a help when love stories are taken off the silver screen and played in actual life. This placement in SoDak was followed by a move to Kansas City and then to Connecticut for Olivia, which for many would have been the end of the narrative. Oh no, not for these two. Their love kept them together, it kept them traveling to one another—creating opportunities for weekends in Souix Falls that were never long enough, but yet more than enough to confirm what those of us lucky enough to hear their vows bore witness to: This is the real deal; this is authentic; this is love.

It was this love that collected a small batch of family and friends at their destination wedding at Buckhorn Resort on Caribou Lake in Marcell, Minnesota. It was a winter wonderland, just as Minnesota promised, and it was a candlelit ceremony that had guests feeling all the feels. From Matt’s heartfealt vows he delivered in Olivia’s native German to his dad’s reading so full of emotion it had the paper in his hand shaking like a leaf to the chuckles at Mocha the Puggle’s snores as she lay snoozing on the floor, it was everything; this everything paired with the sweet and settle handcrafted elements made for a wedding and beautiful as this couple is, inside and out.

No matter how unpredictable or unplanned life can be, there is no doubt that Matt and Olivia will face it head on, and will rally against any odds. They will, as they say, let their yolks sway, and enjoy their time and enjoy each other. 


Hair + Makeup // True North Salon

Florals // Flowers by Jeannie

Venue  // Buckhorn Resort on Caribou Lake

Decorations + Cake // Bride and groom’s craftiness

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