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Passionate, Selfless, Authentic: Hanna, Class of 2017

Aug 5, 2016



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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.



It has been a pretty unpredictable summer in regards to weather, which has made outdoor senior sessions a little bit of a challenge. In fact, I had to urge the weather makers to please, please, please hold off for this session.


And they listened. And it was a fantastic evening at the farm with a mother and daughter who are so sweet and kind to invite me into their lives.


Hanna is a vibrant member of the Class of 2017. I was first introduced to her through her amazing application to become one of my student ambassadors; she was prompt in submitting her materials while being very thorough and and thoughtful in her response. I knew the minute that I read her entry that she was going places, and I am so glad one of those places was to Caribou Coffee to meet with me to sign the contract.


Hanna has had great dedication to a wide variety of activities that demonstrate her commitment to academics (she’s a PSEO student with one foot in high school and the other in college, which is HARD), athletics (she has been a member of her school’s softball team), and her community (FFA and 4-H…enough said). What really stands out and is a true testament to her character is her commitment to her furry friends. Hanna has zest for life, but she has an extra dash of it for animals. She was more than willing to introduce me to the adorable Olive the Corgi; I was even trusted to hold the rains for the beautiful Bright the Horse while she gathered the other two majestic creatures, Nero and Blue. Even more than just loving them, she is beyond knowledgeable about them, and she was not hesitant to share that information with me as we met on her family’s farm one recent August evening for her sunny senior session. It is so amazingly awesome when anyone can take something, turn it into a passion and learn everything about it, and then so freely share and educate others about that passion. That is a truly selfless, authentically passionate person. That is Hanna.


Here she is, Hanna, a proud member of the Class of 2017…







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