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Bye bye fun, gotta get your homework done…: Grand Rapids, MN Back to School Vintage-Inspired Mini Sessions

People often ask why I decided to become a teacher. Well, as anyone in the profession would tell you, that’s a loaded question. There are many reasons why I chose to go into education, too many to list, really. One reason is I am a highly passionate and very excitable person; teaching seemed like a legitimate way to geek out over history and writing (my two favorites). I am also all about being consistent for people and making a difference in each life I encounter (which is why photography is my third favorite).


However true these are, I always make one joke when answering why I went into education: How would I know what time of year it is without a first day of school?


I didn’t say it was a good joke.


But I love the first day of school. LOVE. Blistering brand new shoes and bright, unwrinkled clothes. Fresh office supplies and notebooks both as crisp and clean as the fall air outside. And everyone—seriously, everyone—is excited to get back to a normal they remember and love (even if they deny it). Despite the early, rushed mornings and return of the homework, it’s a good thing.


For that reason, I was so fortunate to be able to have my first-ever Back-To-School mini session, where everyone got a little sneak peek at this event not too far out on our horizon. While not all of the lovelies are going back to school, they all took the opportunity to have I wanted to offer my clients a nice, little, fun way to supplement those adorable school portaits.


I had a blast getting to meet five of the sweetest children in our area. Their personalities just sparkled and popped out as they became comfortable in front of the camera. They each had a blast once they got into their grooves that will now be here for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and everyone to enjoy as the first days of school ease into routine, and as these bright faces of our future mature into amazing young adults.












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